No tornado…. No power….. No talking

So the power went out because of a severe storm that just ripped thru.  I mean the tree tops kissed the grass, severe wind and rain, then the power went out.

The oldest got bored and started blasting Determinate from Lemonade Mouth from her Kindle Fire, twins bouncing wildly around the house.  Nana reading, daddy reading, me…. Emailing and calling the power company for a estimated duration of this torture.
Now that the music is off, the kids are actually quiet.  Little man is now playing some educational preschool game on the kindle fire, the oldest is reading Nancy Drew (the first book in the series) on my Kindle. And the mini princess is milling about telling everyone she’s angry.  
I keep hearing sirens outside.  But at least the rain stopped.   Power has been out for an hour now…..
Could totally nap.  Gonna start gathering my candles and flashlights, that usually gets the power to come back on.  
And why do so many people right in our community, like 2 streets over have power and our street doesn’t???? All the lines are buried… Shouldn’t we all be on the same grid?
Now dinner……… I figure we can grill something……. Or we can order in…… Where’s that number?

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