Finally Took the Plunge!

SOOOOOOOO After having an official Etsy shop since March 17, 2008……. I FINALLY have items listed and ready for sale. I kept holding back and waiting for better descriptions, more interesting items, better items, more inventory, more time, better camera……. WTF Ever!!!!! I will never sell anything on Etsy if I don’t list items on Etsy.

I kept looking for a guaranteed, no fail success formula. No more. I fooled around with ShopLocket because it was lower cost than Etsy but I don’t think my items were being seen. It didn’t cost me anything to try it, but it just didn’t get my any sales.
I used to sell stuff on eBay, it worked but was hit or miss with what people were looking for, listings were short and not too costly. So there it is…… I have moved 2 items to my Etsy shop and will add more later this afternoon.