Mila’s Technicolor Dream Blanket

Mila and I were at the craft store, I was shopping for yarn (what else!?) and Mila picked up this crazy rainbow yarn. I really didn’t like the bright colors and incredibly short color pattern. But it kept her quiet in the cart for a long time… Then when it came to check out time, i realized she had unraveled a lot of yarn and made a tangled mess….. She seemed to really like the colors, so i put the label up for check out with my other items and took it home.

I stared at this ridiculous tangled rainbow mess. What the hell am I gonna make with this ugly yarn?  Sweater? NO WAY! Toy? Maybe… Then my knitting teacher Staci posted this video. A blanket! A simple, spiraling, square blanket! Only 10 stitches on the needles at any time, nice mitered corners.








2014 Summer Movies for the Kiddos

Summer time means always having a boredom buster up your sleeve. Luckily most of the theaters in this area offer FREE or CHEAP movies for kids all summer long.  So I have put them all into one easy calendar.

I’m a bit behind linking all the titles to Common Sense Media reviews. I will update them a week in advance.
Each show time is posted after the title. Click the Title for full details for each movie. Let me know if you want me to add another theater. quickshotoflife (at)
Oh! I also added a few extra things going on around town, like live music, and events at the library.

**** NOTE ****

Alamo Drafthouse Kids Camp Movies are “FREE” with a REQUIRED $5 purchase per person. 

The $5 is paid upfront and then credited toward food and beverages.

Kids drinks are $1 with refills and a reusable cup with lid.