Mila’s Technicolor Dream Blanket

Mila and I were at the craft store, I was shopping for yarn (what else!?) and Mila picked up this crazy rainbow yarn. I really didn’t like the bright colors and incredibly short color pattern. But it kept her quiet in the cart for a long time… Then when it came to check out time, i realized she had unraveled a lot of yarn and made a tangled mess….. She seemed to really like the colors, so i put the label up for check out with my other items and took it home.

I stared at this ridiculous tangled rainbow mess. What the hell am I gonna make with this ugly yarn?  Sweater? NO WAY! Toy? Maybe… Then my knitting teacher Staci posted this video. A blanket! A simple, spiraling, square blanket! Only 10 stitches on the needles at any time, nice mitered corners.








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