About Me and this Blog

I started this blog as an easy way to share movie information with my friends. We have almost a dozen theaters within a 30 minute drive and they all offer free or cheap movies for the kids in the summer. I began compiling all the theater schedules, policies, and ticket prices into one single calendar along with links to Common Sense Media. I will definitely do the calendar again in 2014, it was very popular with parents and sitters.

3 things about me:::
1) I am a SAHM with 3 kids, a hubby, a dog, and my mother, all under one roof. We have fun, we have drama, we learn, we cry, and always love.
2) I also volunteer with Girl Scouts as a troop leader, on the Service Unit Team and at summer camp.
3) And finally, I am a craft addict. When I see a new craft, I jump in with both feet, create until I feel I have mastered the technique and often move on to another new craft. My longest craft addiction is still going strong at 19 months – KNITTING – I finally learned to knit in August 2014 thanks to VeryPink.com. Staci is brilliant, you should check her out. When I begin to overflow with completed projects, they get sold in my Etsy Shop.

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